ASD Web可访问性简介

博士WebAIM主任Cyndi Rowland:Whether you are an administrator, a faculty member, or a web developer you will face issues of accessibility. There are large numbers of individuals with disabilities on your campus, employed at your institution, and in the 万博体育官网网址 at large. In fact current estimates are that there are over 59 million Americans with disabilities in the U.Salone. Those who could be blocked from your institutional website include: those with vision impairments (those who are blind, have low vision, or are color blind), those with hearing impairments, those with motor impairments, those who have cognitive impairments, and those with photoepilepsy. In fact, you can also block out those with age-related processes, which can include many of the areas which have already been stated. Listen to the individual experiences of three students who have difficulties with the Web.

凯尔·伍德拉夫:现在天正在越来越多的类对互联网您可以在线学习整个课程And I have tried to stay away from those because I am 90% sure that as a blind individual I will run into problems accessing those sites我将使用JAWS屏幕阅读器连接互联网下巴代表工作访问演讲。


电脑:M...u...s...i...c space


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凯尔:A screen reader is a program, and there are several out there, allowing me to hear what is being displayed on the screenI'm using tab and shift-tab to go through the links. One would normally just scroll with the mouse up or down to do that, but I'm not able to do that.


凯尔:34 ..好多啊So, screen readers are very helpful, but if the Web site is written in a manner that the screen reader cannot access that Web site it does me no goodOne of the bad experiences I've had trying to navigate the Internet... There's a class that I needed several forms for and I was not able to access the site with my screen readerAnd one of my friends came in and was very generous to download the files from their computer and then take a pencil and we spent three or four hours filling out those forms in pencilIn the past I have avoided using the Internet because of its inaccessibility for myselfAs I proceed through school though, teachers and students will use it more and I will need it to be more 万博体育官网网址 to me.

戈登·里奇斯:As an individual with quadriplegia that uses a computer both for pleasure and at work, I find it very frustrating to surf the Web, go to different Web pages for different reasons both here at work and at home我试过用鼠标和手臂..the fatigue after a few minutes gets to where it's more bother than it's worthSo I use a mouth stick, which works effectively to get around on a computer, but it doesn't help me if I'm on the InternetWhen surfing the Web I find it difficult because many Web pages are in万博体育官网网址 without the use of a mouse, which requires tabbing from link to link to link许多页面我可以得到相当的方式进入页面有些页面我会一两个链接,它就会冻结好吧,我被困住了The educational environment and to an extent the business environment haven't made it a priority to make the Web 万博体育官网网址 to individuals with disabilities.

柯蒂斯拉德福德:(Voice of Jonathan Webb, interpreting for Curtis Radford): If a person refers to me as being disabled, it doesn't offend me我认为,是的,我想,在技术上我是禁用的我无法听到但是,我们更像是一个语言少数群体。


柯蒂斯拉德福德:哦,真的我甚至都不知道我会意识到视觉图像而不是听觉刺激So it seems like there is some kind of interaction or swapping that takes place here.

电脑程序:The O2 goes from high concentration in the alveoli to low concentration and occupies the seats of the bus.

柯蒂斯拉德福德:And then it looks like, I guess this is going into the heart and then it's passing out another section of the heart那个标志是难以阅读I'm guessing that they are speaking as to what is going on, but again I'm unaware as to what they are sayingAnd I have the responsibility now to assume what I'm being instructed on. There's a lot of guesswork involved in this当我查看该程序时,我发现它很有趣有很多信息,我能够阅读的文本There was also a lot of graphic images, and because of those things I was able to assume what was on thereA friend of mine who is hearing was able to tell me that there was spoken information on there它似乎并不包括一切There were some important bullets though, I believe, and some of the parts where they had some audio types of instructionIt was more of a puzzle that I had to put the pieces together to try to figure out what it was meaningI think that the most important thing that's done is that when there is a voice on a video there needs to be captionsYou know, there doesn't need to be this fancy art or these extravagant graphics只是说的一切,他们只是需要标题我们需要访问,就这么简单我没有任何心理问题我不是精神上的缓慢我没有任何障碍我能想到我会读我可以写我可以做任何其他人可以做的事情,除了听到And I want that person to respect me, and I think that that would solve a lot of problems.

博士WebAIM主任Cyndi Rowland:People often ask why should I design with accessibility in mind or why should I worry whether our Web sites are 万博体育官网网址? And there are three fundamental reasons why we would want to do thisThe first, frankly, is it's the right thing to doThat moral argument, that ethical argument, I believe, will always take the trump cardIn our society we want everyone to be able to participate to the maximum extent that they can, and we don't want to treat others in an unequal fashionThe second reason why we would want to design accessibly is that it's a smart thing to doIt's a smart thing from an economic perspective because we are getting tuition dollars from students that may not be able to participate in classes if we have sites and classes they can come toIt's also the smart thing because 万博体育官网网址 design is compatible with emerging technologies所以,当你将来无线时......more and more use of wireless web and of portable handhelds it's going to be those sites that are 万博体育官网网址 that will also be compatible with emerging technologies第三个原因,坦白地说,是法律And I know a lot of people don't like to hear that as a reason to do it, but it's trueWe have civil rights legislation, the American's with Disabilities ActWe have the Reauthorized Rehabilitation Act我们有“电信法”There are responses out of the Office of Civil Rights and the Department of EducationAnd taken together they all support the notion that students should have equal access to the information that's on the WebAnd they should have equal access to educational opportunitiesSo, those are the three reasons why people ought to be concerned with accessibilityAs you plan your classes you may prepare a course syllabus, readings, and curriculumAs you plan your departmental web pages you may incorporate policies, application forms, admissions, a catalogue of courses, and faculty profilesIn each instance ask yourself: Is this material 万博体育官网网址 to all students, including those with disabilities? More specifically ask yourself: Is my department page and all its' elements 万博体育官网网址? Is my course site fully 万博体育官网网址? If I'm using a course management tool like WebCT or Blackboard, is it 万博体育官网网址? How about the chat program I use, is it 万博体育官网网址? If I post things like PDF files, or PowerPoint presentations, are they 万博体育官网网址? The solutions for making your materials 万博体育官网网址 are relatively easy once you have the right informationTo learn more about this important topic visit or contact the Disability Service Office, or the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Coordinator on your campusThey will be happy to link you with materials to help you "Keep Accessibility In Mind."