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8-Step Implementation Model
Step 3: Organize a Web Accessibility Committee

"Lone Rangers" Don't Fare Well

Photograph of the lone ranger on his horseIs it possible for one person at a large organization to implement a full-blown accessibility initiative? It is possible, yes, but this sort of "lone ranger" approach can backfire if other people at the organization do not share the vision or commitment that this one person has. Other people may resent the constant badgering of this individual, or, just as likely, this one person may tire of always trying to drag everyone else along for the ride.

Committees can be slower than the "lone ranger" approach, but their effect is usually longer-lasting because committee members have invested time and effort in the process, coming to agreement on important issues.

The key is to form a committee that is representative of all of the stakeholders in an organization, and to ensure that each committee member performs the tasks that correspond to them.


Involving key groups

Once the leadership at your organization supports the importance of web accessibility, a group should be formed to draft accessibility policies and to see the process through its implementation. It is vital that this group be comprised of other key individuals at your organization. Those chosen should be respected in their individual fields and have the ability to influence change with their colleagues. They must also be able to commit the time necessary to see the process through. In some instances this could be a substantial 2-year commitment.

So, who should be part of this process? It is important to remember that every organization will need to approach this process in a slightly different way, thus membership of this committee should reflect these differences. It is important that this committee be constructed in such a way that all members will work constructively toward the goal of helping to create a fully accessible web for their organization. Please remember that these individuals will report back to the larger groups from which they came. As such, it would be helpful to the process if they were respected within their own groups. Representation and support by all parties is essential if implementation is to be widely accepted. The implementation of web accessibility at your organization will be much easier and when all of these pieces fit together.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Take a moment now to select the members of this committee for your organization.Some questions you might take into consideration as you move through the selection process include the following:

  • 选定的成员是否在其影响领域备受尊重?
  • Will others listen to them?
  • 选中的成员会有帮助吗the committee address the concerns of their peers?
  • Will the selected member devote the time and energy necessary?

Take a moment to write out a list of the persons you would consider viable choices for a web accessibility committee at your institution. When you have compiled this list, consider the following questions:

  • 您完成此过程时您考虑了哪些问题?
  • 在你的决策过程中,哪些问题似乎是关键?

Postsecondary education as an example

Although this example is specific to postsecondary education, there are parallels to other types of organizations. Postsecondary institutions will want to involve the administration, faculty, students, the Section 504/ADA coordinator, and the webmaster. Businesses will want to involve upper management, marketing, customer service, the legal team, customers, programmers and developers. Government entities will want to involve agency or department leadership, individuals from the various focus areas of the entity, and the developers. Other types of organizations will need to adapt the recommendations presented here to fit their organizational structure and needs.



Roles of the administration:

  • Oversee entire web accessibility process
  • Break down the University into manageable chunks by forming a committee consisting of key players in the University: faculty, designers, students, Disability Service Center (DSC) coordinators and legal representation
  • Oversee all administrative details of the committee including meetings, discussion, delegation, parley between committee members, holding members accountable for their responsibilities and meeting projected completion dates


  • 在委员会讨论和规划中代表教员的关注点
  • Carry committee decisions to faculty and gather their support and cooperation in the process of web accessibility

Roles of the Section 504/ADA Coordinator and Students with Disabilities:

  • Represent the student perspective and promote an understanding of their personal frustrations and concerns with the web for other committee members
  • If necessary, explain in detail, assistive technologies which interface with the web and the problems which must be addressed in their effective use
  • Assure that accessibility issues across the spectrum of disabilities are addressed appropriately

WebMaster / Designer的角色:

  • Represent institutional designers by mediating their concerns, questions and frustrations with the accessibility committee
  • 帮助机构设计师更好地了解Web可访问性问题;包括概念以及有效编码和设计的具体技术和策略
  • Represent institutional designers in overseeing, creating or choosing web accessibility training methods and resources
  • Carry out all delegated responsibilities of the web accessibility committee which may include; cataloging institutional web sites, conducting baseline studies of these sites, and learning the ins and outs of validators for purposes of evaluation, participating in monitoring of progress and accountability of institutional designers

Identifying Challenges

One of the first tasks of the committee will be to identify potential obstacles or challenges to maintaining a consistent accessible web presence. This task may be all too easy in some organizations, but here is a list of challenges that we've come up with, along with a few potential solutions.




  • 创建组织重要网站的所有Web开发人员的电子邮件列表。在教育设置中,您可能包含此列表中的教师,但教职员工的单独列表也可能是合适的。
  • 从头网站管理员发送每月电子邮件时事通知到所有其他网站管理员。包括如何使网站更容易获得的提示以及其他开发技巧。万博体育官网网址
  • Hold monthly or quarterly meetings of all web development personnel across the organization, to inform them of what's happening in different areas of the organization, in terms of the web.
  • 创建一个可访问性监控团队,定期检查不同站点以获取可访问性。您可以通过表示将从组织的服务器中删除所有不合规的站点来执行合规性(这是一个可能最终损害组织的恶劣方法,而不是那些不符合符合的人,但这种方法可能会为某些人工作组织)

Lack of training

Many web developers are unaware of disability access issues at all. Even if they know that it is an issue, they may not know any of the techniques on how to design for accessibility. This is one of the biggest initial barriers.


  • Designate a person or a group of people as web accessibility trainers. These people may already be a part of the organization, or it may be necessary to hire them.
  • 持有季度研讨会的不同方面的无障碍网页设计。万博体育官网网址
  • Buy books that teach web accessibility.
  • Encourage or require individuals to participate in training events such as theWebAIM Web Accessibility Trainings

Non-professionals as web developers

K-12 schools often have teachers, secretaries, or students who are novice web developers post content to their web sites. Sometimes these individuals make the effort to learn the web skills necessary to prepare high quality web content, but more often than not, they never learn the technical aspects of web development, either because it does not interest them, or because they do not have the aptitude for it.


  • 在网页设计的各个方面都培训缺乏经验的开发人员,包括可访问的网页设计万博体育官网网址
  • Consider making web development a higher priority--hire a professional web developer
  • 为那些开发Web内容的人提供书籍或其他培训材料。




  • Have an individual with a disability give a presentation to web developers, so that they can appreciate that person's perspective
  • Train web developers in the issues and techniques
  • 我需要符合可访问性标准ncluding it in performance reviews of staff. Many times, apathy and resistance are overcome as they learn more about accessibility




  • Provide incentives for web developers to stay, including competitive salaries and benefits.
  • Consider consolidating web development responsibilities across organizations, so that the organization can eliminate one or more of the other positions and raise the salary of the main web developer position.


Your organization may have a unique set of challenges not represented in the above list. Have the committee identify these challenges and their potential solutions. This will allow the committee to begin to implement the appropriate solutions.